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Software solutions for developing corporate portals
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Companies which provide enterprise software systems for e-Business and e-Commerce.
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Providers of electronic marketplace solutions
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Applications and software packages for the development of e-Business systems
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Technologies used to automate supply chain management and operations


Footprint Labs

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Footprint Labs is a London-based provider of customised e-business and software development solutions - web development, e-commerce, application integration, bespoke development, offshore and intranet/extranet solutions.

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Iflexion ecommerce web design company

10 out of 10 stars (11 votes)

Professional web development services including website design, ecommerce development, web application development, custom web programming.

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Enigma offers XML-based support-chain solutions in primary industries.

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E-Commerce Services

Build the right marketing-centric E-Commerce Web Development infrastructure to ensure higher sales and maximum profitability.

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Sterling Commerce Business Integration, Services, and Marketplace

Sterling Commerce powers global e-business communities with Marketplace Solutions, Business Integration Solutions and Business Consulting and Services. Sterling Commerce solutions address Business Partner Collaboration, Business Process Integration, and Business Relationships.

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YellowHawk Web Applications

YellowHawk provide a cost effective, bespoke e-business application development service. Our applications are built on a generic, XML based web services architecture. We offer complete solutions including design, backend integration, marketing and secure, reliable hosting.

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Web Services-e-Business Web Services & Website in to Web Services- Business Process Automation- USA.

9 out of 10 stars (70 votes)

Package "Websites" into "Web Services" in Minutes - No programming required! eBiz Portals provides software tools for rapidly creating business function level (Coarse grain) Web Services" out of existing websites and managing these "Web Services. Unlike Web Services created from low-level API s, these high-level document centric Web Services can readlily be used in enterprise portals, "Business Process automation" as well as message oriented application integration. Deploying eBiz Portals' Web Services solution will result in dramatic time and cost savings to the enterprises– by leveraging functionality of existing websites and turning them into open standards based (SOAP, WSDL, XML, UDDI), re-usable Web Services. By taking advantage of the security and data validation logic built into the websites - we also eliminate duplication of that functionality. Examples of how enterprises can benefit from our "Web Services solution: An enterprise with business partners can package their Extranet as open "Web Services" - enabling its partners to automate with tools of their choice - without investing huge development resources. An enterprise can create an employee or customer portal offering highly integrated (without click-away) by tightly integrating the functionality of business partner websites into the portal. This kind of integration is not possible with Web-clipping and framing solutions. A large enterprise can package its internal Websites as Web Services' and create a shared foundation for enterprise portals, external partners or providing wireless or voice access to their enterprise applications more cost effectively.

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XMLTC Consulting Inc.

eBusiness solution provider specializing in XML, Web Services, and Service-Oriented Architecture. We've been building enterprise eBusiness solutions since 1996.

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Web site Design and Development

A professional web design and development company that offers best custom web services and internet marketing at affordable rates.

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Firepond: Welcome to Firepond, Inc. developer of interactive sales systems and product configuration

Firepond's interactive selling software improves sales performance for companies who sell complex products and services.

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Mainward International

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Mainward is a global IT outsourcing services provider with its production department located in South America and commercial offices in the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Mexico.

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orcim technologies

Orcim is a leading Microsoft software development company with its head office in London and offshore development centre in India.

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On Demand Printing

A full service printing company, serving a world wide customer base that includes associations, association management companies, seminar providers, commercial industries and publishers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior quality print and digital media products in affordable prices.

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Get listed in all major classifieds

Be listed in thousands of classified ad sites and be viewed by millions of potential internet browsers. For more details visit our website: Email: marketing@hinetmktg.

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Online Posters Printing Services

A premium source of comprehensive printing capabilities, Online Posters Printing delivers top quality online printing services, very accessible to widespread clients worldwide.

Review It Rate It - Architectures for transaction based services

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Svelte provides large-scale software architecture solutions for transaction intensive industries. Focused on Finance, Media & Telecoms, Svelte provide network neutral future proofed services from Architecure to Implementation.

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eShopwork grounding in retail consultancy allows us to understand both the value of delivering your information through rich online media and the value of establishing how your consumers or users interact with your products and services. We combine established eBusiness acumen with consumer insight to deliver more profitable internet solutions.

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