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GotDotNet is an extensive resource centre for .NET developers.

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DotNetNotes - Where Less IS more

ASP.NET related information brought to you in a short and consice mannter. A comprehensive set of notes that provide developers with short and consice information on each topic. The aim of the site is to provide developers with brief insights on each major topic saving the effort of reading the technical tomes on the subject matter. valuable for all the latest tips and tricks.

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Cyberia Group .NET training course

Cyberia's .NET training course - Microsoft .NET Technology Briefing - is an intensive 1 day lecture-based course introducing .NET for the web developer

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Just In Time Instructional Content, search the content of technical books on-line, from the leading publishing houses including SAMS and QUE. Subjects include ADO, ODBC, ActiveX, COM, SQL Server, Visual Basic, VB, Component Object Model, Scripting, Internet Database Connector, .asp, .aspx, asp+, aspplus, C#,,, .NET, DOTNET, VB.NET, XML, SOAP, webservices. Subscription based service.

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Test Web Services Without Writing a Client

Use Microsoft's newly released .NET WebService Studio (WSS) to test .NET interoperability with a variety of publicly accessible or local Web services. WSS automatically generates SOAP proxy classes and C# clients for ad hoc Web service testing. Roger Jennings shows you how it works.

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Next Generation Code

NGCode is an abbreviation of Next Generation Code; we believe that this code comes from Microsoft. .NET will have a great impact on the stuff we develop and in the long run, for which purposes we use our software. On this site, dedicated to .NET, we will try to supply great articles, exciting news, preview chapter on outstanding books and above this, code samples.

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