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SOAP Web Services popular

1 out of 10 stars (3 votes)

News and resources site maintained by Robert Tabor in support of his book on .NET Web Services.

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Xmethods popular

7 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

An organization dedicated to promoting the development, deployment, and use of web services. This site contains a list of web services and useful "how to get started" guides for creating SOAP-based web services. Recommended as a starting point for practical, hands-on information on SOAP and all things SOAP related.

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The Extensible User Interface Protocol (XUP) is an XML-based protocol for communicating events and user interface changes on the web. Its goal is to provide a framework for developing and using highly interactive web applications.

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Apache Axis (SOAP)

Axis is Apache SOAP 3.0. It is a from-scratch rewrite, designed around a streaming model (using SAX internally rather than DOM). The intention is to create a more modular, more flexible, and higher-performing SOAP implementation (relative to Apache SOAP 2.0).

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A homegrown site but one which is full of useful information and links about all things SOAP. An excellent launch pad for both the novice and expert Web Services developers.

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10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Straightforward resource site dedicated to seekers of enlightenment about SOAP and all things related. Good set of tutorials with listings of both Client and Server side SOAP implementations. Resources section includes links, articles and white papers. A good starting point.

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Lucin Soap Toolset

The Lucin soap toolset is a developers toolset for Wintel environments. The SAL server product is the server behind the SALcentral Web Services search engine.

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WS-Referral is a protocol that enables the routing strategies used by SOAP nodes in a message path to be dynamically configured. SOAP itself provides a distributed processing model where SOAP messages can have content destined for specific processing nodes. WS-Routing adds to SOAP the capability of describing the actual message path. WS-Referral provides a mechanism to dynamically configure SOAP nodes in a message path to define how they should handle a SOAP message. It is a configuration protocol that enables SOAP nodes to delegate part or all of their processing responsibility to other SOAP nodes.

Review It Rate It is a resource center for SOAP developers. Comprehensive links for product information, SOAP tools, and SOAP services such as web search and data access. Excellent starting point for education and resources on SOAP and UDDI

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Opswat Inc.

10 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

Custom Check Point OPSEC Development SecureClient SCV Plug Ins OPSTOP For Norton AntiVirus - Ensure that your Check Point VPN-1 SecureClient are running a properly configured Norton AntiVirus OPSTOP For Hardware Identity - Ensure that your Check Point VPN-1 SecureClient connects from authenticated hardware OPSTOP For Privacy - Enforce IE And Windows Security, URL and Pop Up Filtering solutions for Check Point VPN-1 SecureClient machines. OPSTOP For HfNetChk - Ensure that your Check Point VPN-1 SecureClient Windows machines are Securely Patched Using HFNetChk.

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1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

WS-Security provides a security language for Web services. WS-Security describes enhancements to SOAP messaging providing three capabilities: credential exchange, message integrity, and message confidentiality. These three mechanisms can be used independently or in combination to accommodate a wide variety of security models and encryption technologies. WS-Security provides a general-purpose mechanism for associating licenses (credentials that are signed assertions, e.g., X.509 certificates or Kerberos tickets) with messages. No specific type of credential is required. Message integrity is provided by leveraging XML Signature and licenses to ensure that messages are transmitted without modifications. Similarly, message confidentiality leverages XML Encryption and licenses to keep portions of a SOAP messages confidential.

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W3C: Soap With Attachments

This document defines a binding for a SOAP 1.1 message to be carried within a MIME multipart/related message in such a way that the processing rules for the SOAP 1.1 message are preserved. The MIME multipart mechanism for encapsulation of compound documents can be used to bundle entities related to the SOAP 1.1 message such as attachments. Rules for the usage of URI references to refer to entities bundled within the MIME package are specified.

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The gSOAP compiler tools provide a unique SOAP/XML-to-C/C++ language binding to ease the development of SOAP/XML Web services and clients in C and/or C++.

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SOAP::Lite for Perl

SOAP::Lite for Perl is a collection of Perl modules which provides a simple and lightweight interface to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP, also known as Service Oriented Access Protocol) both on client and server side.

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A XML SOAP Webservices mall

WebSevicesMall presents information and resources on Web Services and related technologies like XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, .Net Framework and J2EE.

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soaprpc is a resource site for SOAP, .NET, UDDI, Sun ONE, HP Netaction and related protocols for building Web Services. Includes listings of technical articles, protocol specification, software, tutorials, sample code and a lot more.

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PostCoder Web SOAP service for online address lookup

9 out of 10 stars (8 votes)

SOAP based PostCoder Web service for completion of premise level postal addresses. This service offers a range of per click options for adding premise level address completion and other geographic information searching to your website forms. The service includes address validation against the latest edition of Royal Mail's PAF data. It is fully configurable, easy to set up and comes with a full range of examples including PHP, ASP, ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET), JAVA/JSP and ColdFusion.

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9 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

While Userland is undeniably a commercial web-site it is also a resource centre and launchpad for a number of important standards including, and If only all companies were like this!

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Apache SOAP

Home page of the APACHE implementation of SOAP, with download and documentation.

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Knopflerfish OSGi Axis port

8 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

The open source Knopflerfish Axis port provides SOAP/Web service access to any OSGi bundle.

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White Mesa Software

White Mesa offer a SOAP server, a Email/HTTP Gateway Server for SOAP and a live endpoint for testing SOAP "interop" messages.

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W3C: SOAP Home Page

SOAP is governed by the World Wide Web Consortium. Full information on the specification of the standard can be found at the W3C site.

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SOAP Learning Guide,289142,sid26_gci913069,00.html

This guide presents SOAP articles, tutorials, examples, tips, tools, white papers, expert advice and more to pump up your SOAP know-how quickly.

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SOAP for your PocketPC? Yes, as well as implementations for all Wintel releases. Very technical site but well worth viewing for important nuggets on implementing and using SOAP from tech-experts at the sharp end.

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