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Ronald Bourret

A freelance programmer, writer, and XML researcher, specializing in databases and schemas. Web site includes an up to date list of XML Database products. work includes version 2.0 of XML-DBMS, an Open Source product for transferring data between XML documents and relational databases.

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Bill Joy

Founder and chief scientist of SUN, he has been a leading designer of Sun's key technologies, including Solaris, SPARC and Java. Before starting Sun, Bill was the designer of the Berkeley version of UNIX which became the backbone of the Internet and pioneered the "open source" idea.

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Dave Winer (Userland)

Dave Winer is a leading figure in the development of the Internet and is currently CEO of Userland, a leading web technology company. He is co-developer of Frontier, Manila and Radio UserLand. The company hosts several thousand Web sites using these tools and has pioneered several Internet standards in distributed computing, including SOAP, XML-RPC, RSS and OPML. He is the editor of the pioneering Scripting News weblog.

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Richard Wallace

Dr. Richard S. Wallace is the Chairman of the Board and co-founder of the A.L.I.C.E. Artificial Intelligence Foundation. He is the author of Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) and Botmaster of A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity). A.L.I.C.E. won the Loebner Prize, an annual Turing Test, in 2000 and 2001.

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Lisa Rein (

Lisa Rein is an educator who has been working on teaching and informing about XML since 1997. Her web site includes tutorials, glossary and links to various XML resources.

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Dan Bricklin

Dan Bricklin can fairly claim to be the inventor of the spreadsheet even though like many good inventions it was his competitors and followers who achieved greater success than he with the concept. Best known for Visicalc, which is viewed by many as the original PC killer-app, Dan's site is a fascinating mixture of past and present. Well worth a visit as Dan continues to dispense wisdom and insight gathered from many years of experience at the leading-edge of software development.

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Tim Berners-Lee

What can you possibly say about the man who invented the WWW? A modest web page and one which politely directs the visitor to other sites providing a greater depth of information.

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Tim Bray (Textuality)

Tim Bray's site is original in style with a useful glossary related to current technologies, including XML, SGML, Namespaces, DTD etc. Presented in a straightforward manner, suited to all levels of technical expertise.

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Sean B Palmer

Technical writer, scholar, musician, Semantic Web pioneer, golfer, lazy, philisophical, adjective and noun mixer...

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Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak and his partner Steve Jobs are the inventors of the modern PC industry. The website tells it all as well as his activities after Apple.

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Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz is teenage writer, programmer and hacker. He's the RDF Advisor to the Creative Commons project led by Larry Lessig. As a Semantic Web developer, he's a member of the W3C's RDF Core Working Group, the DCMI's Architecture Working Group and the independent RSS-DEV Working Group. He is a co-founder of the Semantic Web Agreement Group and co-author of RSS 1.0. His latest project is the Plesh, a decentralized network that will provide the platform for the next generation of network applications.

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Shane McChesney

So, what if the future does not belong to .NET? Founder of Skipping Dot Net, Shane McChesney is a born again Open Sourcer and provides cogent arguments, valuable information and useful links on open source alternatives to an entirely Redmond based future.

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