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Software packages for creation and editing of XML, SGML, CSS and XSL/XSLT documents



Altova are the developers of the XML Spy Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the creation and management of XML documents and XSLT style sheets. Altova have also created AXAD, the Adavanced XML Application Development methodology for the management the complete XML project life-cycle.

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From application downloads to comprehensive tutorials, a one stop resource for everything XUL.

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Nestcape XUL Developers Resource

Netscape's developer resources for XUL, the XML User Interface markup language. Presentations, demos, tools, FAQs and tutorials.

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TIBCO Extensibility

The TIBCO Extensibility product range provides a comprehensive set of XML development and resource management tools. TIBCO are a leading supplier of realtime transaction processing solutions in demanding environments and they certainly appear to be building on this expertise in the Extensibility product line.

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Build Client/Server 3rd Generation apps with SQL, XML, XSL, HTML, SOAP, WSDL

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Designing good XML DTDs and XML Schemas using patterns.

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Specialist XML managed services and consulting company.

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Fast XML Editor for Windows.

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SoftwareAG XML Starter Kit

Free to download and evaluate IDE for XML e-Business development from a leading software solutions company

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While Userland is undeniably a commercial web-site it is also a resource centre and launchpad for a number of important standards including, and If only all companies were like this!

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Unidex XML Convert

XML Convert 2.1 is a Java application that uses XFlat schemas to convert flat files into XML and vice versa. XML Convert can also convert a flat file from one format to another.

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